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TMG Industrial 36” Skid Steer Side Shift Trencher, 22” Auger Discharge, Boom & Crumber Assembly, Earth Tungsten Teeth, TMG-SDT36S

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$7,999.00 - $7,999.00
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1100.0 lb
58 x 32 x 85 inches
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  • Ideal for laying irrigation pipe, power lines, sprinkler systems & more
  • Heavy-duty boom & crumber assembly provides a clean finish
  • Extended 22” auger discharge keeps dirt from falling back into the trench
  • Wear-resistant earth & tungsten teeth dig to a maximum 36” trenching depth
  • Universal mount fits most skid steer makes & models
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  • Ideal for irrigation pipes, underground power lines, telecommunications, sprinklers and any other underground pipe or wire system
  • Heavy-duty boom and crumber assembly helps direct dirt away from the 6” wide trenching width to avoid extra hand digging
  • Side shifting capability up to 25-½” for a more dynamic and versatile workflow that can trench in hard to reach, off-set positions
  • Extended 22” auger discharge keeps dirt from falling back into the trench, piling it neatly on the side for easy burying afterwards
  • A combination of earth and tungsten teeth chew through tough, dry and rocky ground conditions up to a maximum trenching depth of 36”
  • Teeth operate under 3050 PSI of pressure with a 21-29 GPM flow rate for powerful digging action that is smooth and consistent for a cleaner cut line
  • Universal quick attach mount fits most skid steers and allows for the easy switching of this attachment with others between job tasks


  • Skid steer power recommended: 50-100 HP
  • Overall size: 79” (L) x 49” (W) x 33” (H)
  • Operating weight: 950 lb
  • Trenching depth at 65°: 36”
  • Trenching width: 6”
  • Discharge auger:
    • Total length: 22”
    • Working width: 16”
    • Diameter: 20”
  • Max. side shift distance: 25-½” with 8-½” interval
  • Flow rate: 21-29 GPM
  • Hydraulic pressure: 3050 PSI
  • Heavy-duty boom & crumber assembly
  • Wear-resistant earth & tungsten teeth combo
  • Hydraulic hoses & ½” flat-face couplers included
  • Case drain line included for releasing motor pressure
  • Universal quick attach skid steer mount

*Some skid steers have proprietary mounts. Therefore modifications to this product may be required to fit your specific machine. Check with your skid steer manufacturer to determine if your machine is compatible with this universal skid steer quick mount.

Shipping Information

The order will ship FREE from our main warehouse in Richmond, British Columbia. Under normal circumstances it will take us 2 to 3 business days to process the order and ship it. It will take up to 10 to 15 business days for the order to get to you based on where you are located and how accessible the location is.

  • This product is packed in a wood crate shipping box
  • Shipping dimension: 85” x 58” x 32” (L x W x H)
  • Shipping weight: 1100 lb

***This product is too large for tailgate delivery.
A forklift or equivalent is required to accept delivery. 
Shipping from Richmond BC or Mississauga ON

Product Description

The TMG-SDT36S Skid Steer Side Shift Trencher is the ultimate digging attachment to turn your skid steer into a versatile groundworks machine. Perfect for any sort of pipe laying, sprinkler installation, power lines and other pipe or wire systems that need clean, established underground trenches dug in a precise and cost-effective manner.

A heavy-duty boom and crumber setup assembly helps clear dirt out and away from the 6” trenching width, and an extended 22” auger discharge keeps it from falling back into the trench. These features combine to produce a neat and orderly ground finish that avoids unnecessary digging and unseemly cut lines on customer properties.

With a side shifting capacity of up to 25-½” and a maximum 36” trenching depth, this trencher is built to finish even your toughest, most hard to reach jobs. A combination of wear-resistant earth and tungsten teeth chew through any type of dry, rugged or rocky ground conditions with ease. This attachment pays for itself in no time by saving on time and labour costs.

We also carry this trencher without the side shifting capability: TMG-SDT36


We're here to support you. This product is backed with our 1-year manufacturer warranty. Customer support and spare parts are offered from our headquarters located in Richmond, BC.

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