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Dealer Program

The TMG Industrial Dealer Program
The TMG Industrial dealer program is ideal for both existing automotive, agricultural, and industrial dealers looking to expand their offerings and new dealers in need of a cornerstone brand to build their business on. When you become a TMG Industrial dealer, you gain access to hundreds of products, dedicated customer service, and a private dealer portal with pricing, availability, and easy online ordering.
Why become a TMG Industrial Dealer?
Founded in 2007, TMG Industrial has become a trusted name in the automotive, agricultural, and industrial sectors. We produce and sell quality products backed by strong customer service and reliable availability of parts. We have a rapidly growing line of high value recession proof products.

Hundreds of high value products

Brand recognition across North America

A 94% customer service satisfaction rating

Access to our dedicated dealer portal

How it works?
Once you apply your application will be reviewed and a TMG Industrial dealer representative will contact you to regarding the status of your application.
Currently not accepting new applications.