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TMG-ALSP60 6000 LB Portable Single Post Auto Lift, 72'' Lifting Height, Low Profile Jack, CETL certified Pump

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Product Description

The TMG-ALSP60 6000-lb Portable Single Post Auto Lift features a heavy-duty structural column with chain-drive carriage sliders that allow for a secure and easy-to-use auto-lift, perfect for Shops and Personal Garages. The low-profile pallet-jack design makes it easy to move and position in and around your shop or garage as needed.

With the 6000-lb lifting capacity, this lift can handle most cars and light trucks. Its maximum lifting height of 72” can be extended with the included eight height adaptors that attach to the retractable reach arms allowing for additional vertical space if needed.

This product is backed with a one-year manufacturer warranty, customer service and spare parts are supported from our headquarters located in Richmond, BC. We are proud to provide free shipping to most locations in Canada and the USA lower 48 states for the purchase of this product.


  • Mobile pallet-jack style low profile auto lift
  • Heavy-duty 10.5" x 12.5" structural column
  • Chain-drive carriage sliders along the column
  • Retractable reach arms with height screw-up pads
  • Mechanical single point self-lock
  • Eight height adapters included


  • Overall assembled dimension: 112’’(L) x 94’’(W) x 103” (H)
  • Lift capacity: 6000 lb
  • Lifting height (no adapters): 72"
  • Height clearance: 67”
  • Height on the ground (no pads): 5”
  • Distance (front to rear lift pads): 28.75” ~ 83.75”
  • Distance (rear lift pads): 53” ~ 72”
  • Distance (two front lift pads): 55” ~ 91.5”

Hydraulic Motor Pump:

  • Power: 120VAC, 3HP
  • No-load speed: 3420 RPM
  • Working pressure: 2650 PSI
  • Tank capacity: 11 L
  • CETL certified unit for Canada and the USA


  • Packed in a wooden crate shipping box
  • Shipping dimension: 110’’ x 42’’ x 43’’
  • Shipping weight: 2400 lb