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TMG-SBH50 8-ft Skid Steer Swivel Backhoe Attachment


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Product Description


Turn your skid steer into a versatile excavator with the TMG Industrial SBH50 Skid Steer Swivel Backhoe Attachment.

This versatile skid steer attachment is easy to set up and use. It has a universal style mount that connects to most skid steer models and flat-face couplers are included, making it a breeze to connect. This attachment reduces the need to have an excavator on-site and is perfect for private landowners, small contractors, and landscaping crews that don’t have both an excavator and skid steer but require both for a job.

Designed to handle tough jobs, this excavator attachment features sturdy stabilizers, a digging force of 5550 – 9750 lb, a 16” bucket, and dual hydraulic cylinder swing providing 140° of total swivel. Get digging in as little as one week with the TMG-SBH50 Skid Steer Swivel Backhoe Attachment delivered to your location.


  • Linkage between cylinder and bucket
  • Dual hydraulic cylinder swing
  • Foldable stabilizers
  • Heavy-duty cast replaceable teeth
  • Grease fittings on all pivot points
  • Operator seat swings for open visibility 
  • Boom & rotation lock for transport 
  • Hoses and flat-faced couplers included  


  • Digging force: 5500-9750 lb
  • 2.5″ bore, 13″ stroke cylinder
  • Hydraulic pressure: 2320-3045 psi
  • Flow rating: 5-13 GPM
  • digging depth: 95”
  • reach height: 112”
  • horizontal reach: 128”
  • loading height: 58”
  • Bucket size: 16”
  • Bucket Capacity: 1.4 cu.ft
  • Rotation angle: 70°(left/right)
  • Bucket flipping angle: 186°



  • Dimension: 91'' x 80'' x 32'' (L x W x H)
  • Shipping weight: 1800 lb